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RapID Mouse Tag

Over 100 million lab rodents are used each year! And they ALL look alike!
Traditional laboratory ID methods are inhumane, costly and problematic.
RapID Tags are the most efficient, accurate, lab animal ID tags available.

Cutting-Edge New Product

RapID Tags are humane, automated, mini-eartags providing fast and accurate identification for lab animals. The hardened 2-D barcode scans instantly with 100% accuracy providing millions of unique IDs. Multiple colors allow immediate secondary (visual) identification without scanning. RapID Tags are totally MRI and autoclave compatible, and are minimally invasive (no surgery required). RapID Tags are the new, cost-effective, smart solution for automated lab animal identification.


Superior Technology; Unique Design

  • Most humane method; no ear deformation
  • 100% accurate, automated data collection
  • Easy, fast scanning
  • Multi-colored for quick, visual ID without scanning
  • Secure, virtually indestructible, lightweight design
  • Minimally invasive

Innovative Features & Benefits

  • Apply or remove in seconds with only nominal training
  • Made from biologically-inert, medical-grade advanced polymers
  • Suitable for most strains of mice
  • Most cost effective automated method (reduced study costs)
  • MRI and autoclave compatible
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States of America


Product Comparison Analysis: RapID
RFID Metal
Most Humane Method Available Check
100% Accurate, Fast Identification Check Check
Automated Data Collection Check Check
Easy To Apply In Seconds Check Check
Multi-colored For Quick Visual ID Check
Nominal Training Required Check Check Check
Low Tissue Reactivity Check Check
Low Cost Automated Method Check
Reduced Study Costs Through
Check Check
100% MRI Compatible Check Check Check

RapID Tags Are Now Used By Laboratories Around The World To Reduce Errors And Increase Productivity

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