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  • RapID Tags


    Multi-colored RapID Tags, available in 5 colors, are packaged in recyclable polypropylene trays containing 20 male/female pairs of one color per tray. RapID Tags are guaranteed to be unique, but not necessarily sequential.

    Minimum order is 200 tags (1 box).
    Discounted pricing will be shown in the shopping cart.

    Price: $770
  • RapID Practice Tags

    Practice Tray

    Practice Tags (one color, without scannable barcodes) are available at the reduced price of $2.00 each ($40 per tray of 20 tags). Limit per order is two trays.

    Price: $40
  • RapID Applicator


    Made from autoclave safe material, our new ergonomically designed applicator quickly and easily secures the RapID Tag to the rodent’s ear with minimal training and no ear deformation.

    Price: $300
  • RapID Removal Tool

    Removal Tool

    The tag removal tool makes it easy, safe and painless to remove a RapID Tag that has been applied to a rodent’s ear. Does not damage sensitive tissue.

    Price: $40
  • RapID Starter Kit – $995 (Recommended for all new customers)

    RapID Tag Starter Kit

    Starter Kit includes the following components:

    200 RapID Tags (40 of each color)
    20 practice RapID Tags (with simulated ear membrane)
    1 RapID Applicator
    1 RapID Removal Tool
    RapID Tag Product Guide
    RapID Tag Product Literature
    RapID FAQs

    Price: $995